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Today I’ve got some sales tips to help you convert mortgage leads into mortgage prospects. I was reading origination news and I saw an article with sales tips from art Sobchak. The article was written by Brad Finkelstein and I thought they were some pretty good points.

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Let me run through them with you and see if you don’t agree these are good tips. Number one never start a call without a primary objective, meaning what do I want this person to do when the call is over obviously it’s not clear in your mind.

What you want them to do it will be harder for you to convey that and for you to get that action out of the listener. Number two is pretty simple, always treat screeners with the same respect. You would treat your customer a screener is a receptionist or a wife or a father or any other person who make a pick up the phone.

Before you talk to the person you’re really trying to get to of course I want to digress and say you should treat title companies that way and appraisers and treat everybody that way, that’s my little tip.  Number three always have a value statement in the beginning of your call, that’s the part that answers for your listener.

What’s in it for me, why do I want to be on this call should I hang up well if there’s value for them then now listen a little more. Number four always get the listener talking as soon as possible the more you drone on and on the less involved they’re going to be and the more they’re just going to want to get off of the phone and get away from you.

Number five, tied to number four never considering offering a product or a service until you’ve asked them a question or questions first. Of course that goes with the whole part about getting them talking need to question them so you can suck them into the conversation so they’re sharing what their needs are so you can learn more about them.

Number six don’t agree to a follow-up call unless you get a commitment from them as well on that call. Number seven is a good one never find yourself wondering if you should have asked for the sale if you’re on a call with somebody and you’re getting those signals of agreement then ask for the sale.

Number eight, ties into four and five always listen more than you talk notice that about your calls if you’re talking more than you’re listening you’re not working the call as well as you could be, and finally number nine never initiate a call until it’s clear in your head what your opening statement is or what message you will leave on the answering machine.

If you get an answering machine and also have prepared your first few questions and how you will respond to the answers you get from those questions. So those are the tips I really do think sales is a skill and working on those ideas before you make a call will help you get better conversion.

I hope those tips help let me know what you think and as always we want to help contact us at corporate if you need anything speak to you soon

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