Cheap Car Insurance Tips For New Drivers

Today I want to talk about car insurance for new drivers and for younger drivers in general. So today we’re going to give you some tips on how we can get cheaper car insurance potentially and some of the things to look out for when looking and taking out different insurance policies.

new driver insurance

I hope today that you can take some value from this article and that it helps you to make more informed choice going forwards. Let’s look at some of the reasons why car insurance is as high as it is in the first place. so statistically it’s one in five or six new drivers will have an accident within the first six months of passing the test.

So unfortunately it seems as though we sort of tard all new or younger drivers with the same brush unfortunately. so we now stuck with a situation where car insurance prices can come out at the same price as well up to ten times the price of the average first car.

I mean what’s the plus the average people spend on on a first car a thousand less a bit more. I spent about two thousand online. When I was when I first passed my test but to be honest it wasn’t worth two thousand. I bought from a garage thinking I was going to get the security of, you know, I buy a used car from garage.

It just didn’t work but anyway as I say let’s go even the things that we can look out for when it taken a policy. So hopped in for opt in for a high excess will lower the costs of your insurance bought by opting for a higher excess.

That can mean that if ever you did need to claim on your policy for whatever reason, you have to pay the excess first basically and so. it can mean that you’ve got I don’t let’s just say a 500-pound excess.a lot of people don’t have that spare each month five hundred pounds.

So that could leave you with a car that’s useless and you have nothing back from your insurer so that that’s something to really sort of look out for there. we can another thing we can do is opt for black box technology sir but do read the small print.

Because what it can mean is that you are unable to drive at night time so there can be curfews policies. also that vary on a month-by-month basis based on the statistics of the black box or telematics can vary. so you could have a nasty shock at the end of the month where the car appears as they you’ve been thrashing it or whatever or if you think you’re gonna thrash a car is probably not the best idea for you.

The price could be a lot higher than maybe then you could afford. so that’s that’s definitely something to think about. there so what is a black box and a black box is a piece of technology. as I said installed into the car that measures any heavy acceleration any sharp corner encompasses of journeys.

It can measure any motorway miles, sharp breaking when the cars driven sometimes the cars speed on fatigue insurers potentially have tarred everybody with the same brush. so black box is a way where they can actually keep a closer eye on drivers younger drivers and actually offer them a fair price if they drive safely.

So I guess it depends what type of driving you think you’re gonna be or what type of driver you are. if you drive to the book or there abouts and you know safety is the the most important aspect and whatnot then I guess you’ve got nothing to worry about.

And this could be a great way for you to to lower your insurance costs. so this could be the solution, it could be again. it’s different things for different people but I kept getting asked to make this video so I thought I would just share my experiences with it.

Because I’ve had obviously I deal with lots of younger drivers, who learner drivers on a daily basis and how about year ago. it was brought to my attention of a company called marmalade as an they are on trust pilot. so trust pilots a review so I think they’ve got well over about 2,000 reviews and they averaged a 9 out of 10 score so it can’t be too bad.

Again I’m not saying this is for everybody and I’m not recommending them either but what I am saying is this is a company that I’ve dealt with personally. I’ve spoke to them on the phone multiple times and my learner drivers had great successes as well.

So that’s what I can say same again I mean going to go onto Google or whichever search engine you use and typing let it sorry not learn the drive insurance got learner drivers on the brain. new driver insurance young drive insurance first-time driver insurance all those things and you’re going to get pages and pages of insurance, insurers, and quotes potentially.

Again the thing is with it it’s very annoying trying going through the process again and again and again. typing in details and whatnot I know I know from experience he’s just not what you want to spend your time doing is it to be honest. so Marmalade then they offer new drive insurance they also offer, this is another solution for you guys.

They offer a scheme where you can buy a brand new car from them and you can get and you get the insurance free. don’t sound right does it free but so so what that what they do is you buy the new car. now I’ve got some few pictures here.

So what can’t they offer they offer a so starting from what 189 a month Fiat 500l do one two seven one a month, Peugeot 108 185 a month, ,voxel atom 211 Citroen c3 200, Vauxhall Corsa 212 a month and you get insurance free.

Now with all these you can customize the cars. you can pick the color, you can pick the spec inside and all those sort of things. so that’s pretty cool. I mean I’d never heard of this until not with free insurance until again one of my pupils pointed this out a year ago.

To be honest eyebrows eyesight I’ve been going to since around 2006 so it’s up to you guys. but I hope this article can help you to make more of an informed choice either way.

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